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About us

In in Ma'anshan Guohua Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Ma'anshan City, Bo Wang Qu Xi industrial park, known as "the first district Chinese mechanical blade, machine tool manufacturing town" of Bowang District, from the Lukou Airport only 23 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.
In China are mainly engaged in: mechanical ventilation equipment, forging equipment and edge mould production and sales, has been awarded the "heavy contract, Shou Credit Enterprise", "national user satisfaction with product quality, after sale service satisfaction unit", "China assured quality brand" and other honorary titles.
In in Guohua machinery limited company by its advanced technology, excellent manufacturing capability, scientific research and development potential and provide users with a variety of quality products and services, continuously meet the needs of the society. Factory has a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel, with considerable strength in the machinery manufacturing and heat treatment processing, so as to establish a leading position in the factory, machinery, complete sets of equipment, ventilation equipment production field.
In the factory in the product variety, outstanding achievements, these achievements are based on the accumulation and customer service in the advanced technology and equipment on long experience of. The combination of scientific research and production, a comprehensive machinery production of various products and the development of the technology, and social and industrial development around the world to contribute, make the factory enjoy widespread praise, trust by all circles of society.




Ma'anshan Guohua Machinery Co., Ltd.
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