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Round washers - rail accessories

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Pad is connected between the nut pieces and parts. Generally flat shaped metal ring, used to protect the surface of the connecting piece not nut from scratch, dispersed nut on connectors pressure. Rail parts classification washer is divided into: flat washer -C, -A and C large washers plain washers, -C grade, small washer, flat washer, flat washer, chamfered - grade, high strength steel washer, spherical washers, conical washers, square taper washers for steel, square washers, spring washers, standard light spring washers, spring lock washers, lock washers internal teeth serrated lock washers, internal, external teeth lock washers, external teeth serrated lock washers, washers, monaural binaural lock washer, outer tab washer for round nut, lock washer.

Plain washers for general use in the connecting piece is a soft texture, a hard brittle, its main role is to increase the contact area, pressure distribution, prevent the soft texture of the crush. The basic function of the spring and the spring washer is a nut to tighten the nuts after a force, increasing the friction between the nut and bolt! Materials for the 65Mn (spring steel), heat treatment, hardness is HRC44 ~ 51HRC, after the surface oxidation.

or anti loose washer lock washer washer to prevent the bolt loose track accessories card. Lock washer works is very simple. It is formed by the two washers. Outside is embossed with a radial surface, while the inner oblique tooth surface. When assembled, the inner tooth surfaces inclined relative, outer radial ends of tactile surface and occlusal contact area into a state, when the connectors are vibration, and to the trend of bolts loosening, only allow two washers inside the helical relative dislocation surface, resulting in uplift of tension, so as to achieve a 100% lock.