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Bite the properties of the composite machine editor

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Economic development of the rapid development of machinery industry, Ma'anshan Guohua Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to bite machine, manufacturing flange machine and other mechanical equipment, is of great significance to meet the automatic machining of metal materials. Then, mechanical industry for innovative composite continuously put forward new requirements, today we have been in progress what composite?
According to the character and usage, the composite materials can be divided into fiber reinforced composite materials. Composite laminated, composite material such as three categories.
1, the fiber reinforced composite material: glass fiber reinforced composite materials, commonly known as the glass steel, has a high mechanical, dielectric, heat resistance, aging resistance, good process performance, used to manufacture bearings, gears, instrument, housing, agricultural disc blade army piece. Carbon fiber reinforced composites, the strength and modulus of the composite material existing in come out in front. The nose and the cone used to manufacture rocket nozzle, jet engine blades, missile, and the mechanical bearing, gear, chemical equipment corrosion etc..
2, laminated composite laminated composite materials commonly used in turn: no oil Yi bearing, but also for the machine tool guide side lining, gasket, etc.. Often used in aviation, ship, chemical industry. Such as aircraft, ship plate and cooling tower.
3, particulate composites: is composed of one or more material particles are evenly dispersed in the fragrant material inside the material, is an excellent tool material, can be used to create hard alloy cutter, wire drawing die. Metal ceramic is a kind of common composite particles. It has high hardness, wear resistance, from the double degree, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and small expansion coefficient.