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Bite machine five important matters

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1 the bite plate thickness should be within the specified scope of various specifications of products, if less than the minimum thickness, crack, wrinkle defect prone to bite; if more than the maximum thickness, because the plate thickness is proportional to the square, will be due to bending force increases apparently caused by abnormal damage of roller, transmission system overload and stuffy car etc..

Processing capacity of 2, bite machine is designed according to the processing of ordinary sheet, common thin steel plate, galvanized sheet and plastic composite plate with bite good formability. Stainless steel plate strength than ordinary steel plate, stainless steel plate bite before, first of all to forming experiment, so as not to make the equipment work overload, causing excessive wear or mechanical accident. Because the aluminum plastic, easy to crack the bite forming, pre construction will be forming test, at the same time, because of lack of elastic plate, aluminum plate duct can't snap type bite.

3 plate bite minimum length should be not less than 300mm, otherwise it will by sheet and forming roller and too little contact resistance caused by the bite of the level is larger than the friction force forward feeding board, the board in forming rollers slip and wear accelerated roller forming part of the.

4 before use, debugging feeding guide rails should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of equipment debugging, the feeding guide and adjust to the position after a specified fixed size. If the actual position is less than the specified position size of feeding guide rails, caused by the bite not forming; position size if greater than specified, the feed is too wide to bite size error caused by the two sheet can't snap or waste materials; if the feeding guide rail is skewed heavily, is easy to produce the bite uneven width deviation defects.

The roller radial clearance adjustment forming 5, requires not only a snug fit, but also consistent. If the clearance is too small, feeding difficulties, even forced feeding, bite of serious cracking; if the clearance is too large, is caused by the bite of irregular shape or plate in shaping roller slippage between. Stainless steel or aluminium plate bite, radial clearance shall be than the gap with the thickness required louder, otherwise it will cause the equipment overload or bite crack.