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That performance can bite machine and maintenance

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Multifunctional bite machine is on the Chinese side, rectangular duct air conditioning ventilation engineering, circular pipe, square, rectangular bend, special equipment three, tube forming. Bite bite shape accuracy, smooth and beautiful, the pipeline connection firmer, convenient, fast, artificial incomparable. In recent years, has become the textile, mining, chemical, hospital, hotel, building, air conditioning, ventilation, dust project pipeline installation construction essential equipment.

The company's bite is advanced and reasonable structure design, small size, light weight, the machine is working table style, has four wheels, easy replacement time, workplace.

The main parts of the company bite machine roller adopts the high quality steel, after heat treatment, which has high strength, high wear resistance, long service life.

The following is a multifunctional bite machine maintenance method:

1 should use side four handle human hauling or lifting machinery. Do not force it to Taiwan panels, and even the use of the lift panels hoisting machine.

2 often on the gear teeth surface filling calcium base grease to reduce wear of tooth surface.

3 keep rolling wheel surface cleaning, cleaning the binding material in time, a long time out in the rolling wheel surface is coated with anti rust oil.

Work 4 regular inspection system. Especially pay attention to the needle roller bearing, if damaged phenomenon should be replaced immediately, must not continue to use grudgingly.

5 if the roller speed slow or weak phenomenon may be caused by operation, triangle belt, mobile motor position, re tensioning triangle belt, can return to normal.

6 every six months for a maintenance period, should remove the upper and lower frame wall, needle roller bearing, and re apply ZL45-2 lithium base grease.

7 rolling cutting bite shape, should take right feeding ruler, shearing process and in a number of upper and lower rolling wheel, amount of the lubricating oil filling. The site cannot be sand on the workpiece.