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Acute!!! Want to know which Anhui family bite machine and flange machine the best reputation?

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Ma'anshan Guohua Machinery Co., Ltd. in

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Located in the west of industry of Anhui province Ma'anshan Bowang Park, Ma'anshan Guohua Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bite machine, machinery company board air pipe production line, the flange. There are big, in, small equipment dozens of Taiwan, personnel management of a number of outstanding enterprises, a skilled innovative product development team.

All products of the company are the design of 2D and 3D computer aided design software, we develop machinery automation control software and sheet metal processing production line, sheet metal processing production application software.

Guohua machinery limited company products sell well at home and abroad, the product applies to the wind industry has been extended to manufacturing industry, automobile industry, building materials industry, hardware appliances, furniture, decoration engineering wait for different industries, the scope of application is extremely extensive.

Guohua machinery limited company by its advanced flange machine technology, excellent mechanical ability, scientific research and development production potential and provide users with a variety of quality products and services, continuously meet the needs of the society. Factory has a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel, with considerable strength in the machinery manufacturing and heat treatment processing, have exported to Southeast Asia and Australia, trusted by domestic and foreign all over the world.

Our quality policy is: innovation, leading the trend, excellent quality, customer satisfaction. Excellent products, quality service is not only our confident assurance, but also to ensure customer confidence.