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Want to know what is bite machine main advantages, what function.

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In our daily life everywhere in the use of bite machine, the mechanical equipment is a very good product, it functions very much, in the sales market is very by the majority of customers, below I introduce its function which.

It is a multipurpose machine, can satisfy the bone wind pipe made of different shapes. Processing board thickness is 0.5-1.5mm, beautiful appearance, reasonable mechanical principle, easy installation, flexible movement, operation is convenient wait for a characteristic, can meet the requirements of different users. Bite machine suitable for ventilation, air conditioning, purification device duct production, according to the requirements, can be made into various square, rectangular thin plate wind pipe, mechanical equipment, the wind pipe sheet metal processing production indispensable to various. Bite bite machine, stable performance, high accuracy and good quality of occlusion, occlusion.

Bite machine manufacturers bite machine is a single flat function based on the original six functions, Oriental joint, right angle, joint, elbow, cutting, double angle, plate thickness range of 0.5-1.2mm, heavy series processing range 0.8-1.5 mm, use the convenience of customers, improve efficiency, but the basic to meet the square pipe, rectangular pipe, need wind pipe maker circular duct. All gear machine, rolling rollers are made of high quality steel, carburizing, quenching after high frequency, process, ensure the machine durable, stable quality, convenient movement, the most suitable for field construction plate flange machine.