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The advantages of manual folding machine

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In in Ma'anshan Guohua Machinery Co., Ltd. production manual folding machine, plate folding machine has the advantages of high working efficiency, wide application range, convenient to move, it is the preferred mechanical sheet metal processing industry. Whether it is in the material segmentation above, or in the processing of parts size, are effectively according to their actual needs, to make corresponding adjustment work. Can effectively improve work efficiency.
manual folding machine volume is small, easy to move. Regulate the work can effectively achieve linear sheet.
In in the folding machine need to pay attention to in the process of using the point is, equipment blade screw not loose and not damage the edge of the object and fastening bolt straightness compensation guarantee, to ensure that the workpiece folded out of integrity. Note that if is not well do a good job in these areas, are seriously affected the normal use of the equipment efficiency. Therefore, in actual use process, must pay attention to these problems.
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