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Flange machine why high productivity

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In today's competitive: in such fierce society, is not only the need to increase their competitiveness, mechanical as well, if not better competitiveness, will also be eliminated by the society. Flange machine has a good is widely used, because of its high production efficiency, then the reason of plate high production efficiency flange machine where?

In: give me you about now, are the following:

In the 1 flange machine itself in high precision, rigidity, can choose the amount of processing good, high production efficiency.
2: in the processing of high precision, stable processing quality.

3: in the operation personnel's quality requirement is high, higher requirements for the repair of the technical staff.

In 4 of the linkage in the coordinates, to the processing of complex shape parts.

In in the 5 flange machine has a high automatic degree, can reduce labor intensity.

In the 6 parts: change, only need to change the flange machine NC program, can save the time of production preparation.