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Want to know the seven function bite machine is what kind of equipment

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In the seven functions: bite machine is often used in our life in the equipment, high productivity, easy to use. In China, it is the rectangular duct air conditioning ventilation engineering, circular pipe, square, rectangular bend, special equipment three, tube forming. Bite bite shape accuracy, smooth and beautiful, the pipeline connection firmer, convenient, fast, artificial incomparable. In recent years, has become the textile, mining, chemical, hospital, Hotel, building, air conditioning, ventilation, dust project pipeline installation construction essential equipment.

let me introduce seven function bite machine is how a machine?

In the seven functions: bite machine is a single flat function based on the original six functions, Oriental joint, right angle, joint, elbow, cutting, double angle, plate thickness range of 0.5-1.2mm, heavy series processing range 0.8-1.5 mm, the use of customer convenience, improve efficiency, can be basically meet the square pipe, rectangular pipe, need wind pipe maker circular duct. All gear machine, rolling rollers are made of high quality steel, carburizing, quenching after high frequency, process, ensure the machine durable, stable quality, convenient movement, the most suitable for field construction.

In the relevant technical data: that in export machine safety operation, bite bite machine