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The characteristics and advantages of plate flange

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In in the flange machine flange connection is to the two pipes, fittings or equipment, each first fixed in a flange, the flange between the two, together with flange pad, fastened together with bolts, completed the connection. Some fittings and equipment have built flange, flange connection also belongs. Flange connection is an important connection pipeline construction. According to different levels of pressure, flange pad also has a variety of materials, from the low pressure asbestos asbestos pad, pad to the metal pads are numerous, flange classification. Different flange also has the characteristics and advantages of their own.

In in the flange is interface processing pipe outside diameter slightly larger than a concave point, tube inserted inside welding. The welding performance is good, the corrosion is relatively small.

In general, in flat welding flange for low pressure pipe, welded flange for connection, high pressure pipe, butt welding flange is usually at least PN2.5MPa, butt welding is used in order to reduce stress concentration socket welding flange suitable for small caliber, high pressure, high temperature pipes connected.

In the flat is in like butt with a boss, the boss is a groove, and then the tube inserted inside welding. Socket welding is not the boss, in the flange body directly open a groove, like the blind flange is opened a hole, and then open a groove.

In the flat than in socket welding welding performance a little better. Design of the main shortcomings flange is that it can not guarantee no leakage. This is less than its design: the connection is dynamic, and such as thermal expansion and the ups and downs of the periodic load will cause the movement between the flange, affect the function of the flange, so that the integrity of flange damage, resulting leakage. Any product can not be without defect, just try to control the inadequacies of their products to a minimum, so the company in the production of flat welding flange to improve product performance, make it play the biggest role.

In the welding and butt welding is a welding method in the flange and pipe flange connection, welding is just one side welding need not be welded pipe and flange connection inside the mouth, welding flange to flange welded double welding. So the flange, generally used for low pressure pipe, welded flange for connection, high pressure pipe, butt welding flange is usually at least PN2.5Ppa, butt welding is used in order to reduce stress concentration, welded flange in general many neck flange is also called the nipple flange. Installation welding flange so, labour and material costs high, because the more a process.

In in the flange connections easy to use, able to withstand greater pressure. In the industrial pipeline, use the flange connection widely. Within the family, the pipe diameter is small, but is low, cannot see the flange connection. If a boiler room or a production site, everywhere is the flange connection of pipes and equipment. TDF production line manufacturers to provide customers with quality products.