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Paraphrase the ventilation pipeline equipment flange fan coil and galvanized duct difference

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In in the ventilation equipment stroke pipe galvanized wind pipe, galvanized steel pipe, galvanized pipe, TDF, angle steel flange duct. I introduce the flange and galvanized duct difference now.
In in the TDF is connected by rectangular tube end forming machine wind around rolling into a L shape, tube four angle with the reinforcing flange angle card in the wind, and then in the four corners of the uniform filling sealing flange, and the flange surface of glue sealing strip, the flange clip will the two section of wind pipe fastener joint processing of the wind pipe installation technology. With the production of high efficiency, wind pipe surface of high strength, wind pipe quality and wind pipe production cost reduction.
In the common duct flange plate: also called flangeless wind pipe, its production form than traditional rectangular wind pipe processing speed faster, more convenient, less air leakage rate. The utility model has the advantages of saving materials, reducing project investment; small amount of air leakage, reduce energy consumption, save the operation cost, popular construction enterprises welcome.
In: galvanized steel duct is galvanized steel as the main raw material, after the bite, machinery processing, has the convenient manufacture, and has design, pipeline for ventilation and air conditioning, traditional, and with the development of technology, making change for all machinery now production from the previous manual, with high efficiency, high precision etc..
In the China: galvanized duct for traditional products, smooth surface, good corrosion resistance, light weight, simple manufacture and convenient construction, short cycle, low price. Especially suitable for the air conditioning and ventilation system, workshop dust exhaust, commercial buildings, commercial shops concentrated exhaust smoke, kitchen fume emission.
In: galvanized duct using range of wind pipe industrial plant ventilation and ancillary works, dust smoke, exhaust pipe for commercial kitchen, restaurant, hotel, food processing, villas, residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and other special exhaust pipe, to build, to have been built or transformation and exhaust system decoration, special gas pipeline conversion.
In: galvanized duct common materials galvanized iron, glass steel, composite materials etc.. Galvanized duct convenience, energy saving effect of material has the construction in the central air conditioning applications, but also has the fireproof performance, high strength, impact on the story, galvanized pipe material is not only long life and noise performance is also very strong, hygiene and health.
In the ventilating pipeline equipment manufacturers in Ma'anshan Guohua Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the city Ma'anshan Bowang District West Industrial Park is mainly engaged in the wind pipe production line, a total of flange plate machine, bite machine, wind pipe equipment and other equipment.