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Flange mixing machine instructions

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In in the flange mixing mechanism includes shear mixing, mixed convection, diffusion and mixing. The degree of mixing for mixer types, characteristics, operation conditions of different people are different, the hybrid method commonly used laboratory mixing, grinding, sieving, mixing mixture. Hybrid production in the stirring or rotation of the container to make the material families: global and local movement can achieve mixing. 

In in the mixing equipment can be divided into two categories, namely, fixed and rotary type: 

In the fixed type mixing equipment in the material in the container to make certain by blade fixed plate operation technology of flange machine trough mixer

1 groove shaped main towel machine, mixing machine mixing tank, control system and other components, mixing equipment, mixing flow.
In 2 in the main motor met reducer to drive impeller rotation, so that the material does not stop up and down, left, and each direction, was tumbling state, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. Auxiliary motor lamp to make the mixing groove rotates around a horizontal axis, so that the mixing tank inclined. Then the ten discharge. When mixed with convective mixing, long mixing time.